(50 ILCS 470/25)
    Sec. 25. Co-developers and subdevelopers. Upon approval of a STAR bond project by the political subdivision, the master developer may, subject to the approval of the Director and the political subdivision, develop the STAR bond project on its own or it may develop the STAR bond project with another developer, which may include an assignment or transfer of development rights.
    (a) A master developer may sell, lease, or otherwise convey its property interest in the STAR bond project area to a co-developer or subdeveloper.
    (b) A master developer may enter into one or more agreements with a co-developer or subdeveloper in connection with a STAR bond project, and the master developer may request that the political subdivision become a party to the project development agreement, or the master developer may request that the political subdivision amend its master development agreement to provide for certain terms and conditions that may be related to the co-developer or subdeveloper and the STAR bond project. For any project development agreement which the political subdivision would be a party or for any amendments to the master development agreement, the terms and conditions must be acceptable to both the master developer and the political subdivision.
(Source: P.A. 96-939, eff. 6-24-10.)