(50 ILCS 330/2) (from Ch. 85, par. 802)
    Sec. 2. The following terms, unless the context otherwise indicates, have the following meaning:
    (1) "Municipality" means and includes all municipal corporations and political subdivisions of this State, or any such unit or body hereafter created by authority of law, except the following: (a) The State of Illinois; (b) counties; (c) cities, villages and incorporated towns; (d) sanitary districts created under "An Act to create sanitary districts and to remove obstructions in the Des Plaines and Illinois Rivers", approved May 29, 1889, as amended; (e) forest preserve districts having a population of 500,000 or more, created under "An Act to provide for the creation and management of forest preserve districts and repealing certain Acts therein named", approved June 27, 1913, as amended; (f) school districts; (g) the Chicago Park District created under "An Act in relation to the creation, maintenance, operation and improvement of the Chicago Park District", approved, June 10, 1933, as amended; (h) park districts created under "The Park District Code", approved July 8, 1947, as amended; (i) the Regional Transportation Authority created under the "Regional Transportation Authority Act", enacted by the 78th General Assembly; and (j) the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.
    (2) "Governing body" means the corporate authorities, body, or other officer of the municipality authorized by law to raise revenue, appropriate funds, or levy taxes for the operation and maintenance thereof.
    (3) "Department" means the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
(Source: P.A. 94-793, eff. 5-19-06.)