(40 ILCS 5/5-169) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 5-169)
    Sec. 5-169. Contributions for age and service annuities or Tier 2 monthly retirement annuities for present employees and future entrants.
    (a) Beginning on the effective date and before January 1, 1954, 3 1/2% per annum (except that beginning July 1, 1939 and before January 1, 1954 for a future entrant, 4%) and beginning January 1, 1954 and before August 1, 1957, 6%, and beginning August 1, 1957, 7% of each payment of the salary of each present employee and future entrant shall be deducted and contributed to the fund for age and service annuity or Tier 2 monthly retirement annuity. The deductions shall be made from each payment of salary and shall continue while the employee is in service.
    Any policeman whose employment has been transferred to the police service of the city as a result of "An Act in relation to or exchange of certain functions, property and personnel among cities, and park districts having co-extensive geographic areas and populations in excess of 500,000", approved July 5, 1957, as now and hereafter amended, shall also contribute a sum equal to 2% of the total salary received by him in his employment between August 1, 1957 to July 17, 1959, with the park district from which he has been transferred together with interest on the unpaid contributions of 4% per annum from July 17, 1959 to the date such payments are made. Such additional sum may be paid at any time before the time such policeman enters into age and service annuity.
    Concurrently with each such deduction, beginning on the effective date and prior to January 1, 1954, 8 1/2% (except for a future entrant beginning on July 1, 1939, 9 5/7%) and beginning January 1, 1954, 9 5/7% of each payment of salary shall be contributed by the city, but in the case of a future entrant who attains age 63 prior to January 1, 1988 while still in service, no contributions shall be made for the period between the date the employee attains age 63 and January 1, 1988.
    (b) Each deduction from salary made prior to the date the age and service annuity for the employee is fixed, and each contribution by the city, shall be credited to the employee and be improved by interest for a present employee during the time he is in service until age and service annuity is fixed, and, for a future entrant, during the time he is in service. The sum accumulated shall be used to provide age and service annuity for the employee.
    Beginning September 1, 1967, the deductions from salary provided in Section 5-167.1 shall also be made.
(Source: P.A. 99-905, eff. 11-29-16.)