(40 ILCS 5/5-132.2) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 5-132.2)
    Sec. 5-132.2. Reversionary annuity.
    (a) A policeman, prior to retirement on annuity, may elect to take a lesser amount of annuity and provide, with the actuarial value of the amount by which his annuity is reduced, a reversionary annuity for a wife or husband. The option may be exercised by filing a written designation with the board prior to retirement, and may be revoked by the policeman at any time before retirement. The death of the policeman prior to his retirement shall automatically void the option.
    (b) The death of the designated reversionary annuitant prior to the policeman's retirement shall automatically void the option. If the reversionary annuitant dies after the policeman's retirement and before the death of the policeman annuitant, the reduced annuity being paid to the retired policeman annuitant shall be increased to the amount of annuity before reduction for the reversionary annuity and no reversionary annuity shall be payable.
    The option is subject to the further condition that no reversionary annuity shall be paid if the policeman dies before the expiration of 730 days from the date his written designation was filed with the board, even though he has retired and is receiving a reduced annuity.
    (c) A policeman exercising this option may not reduce his annuity by more than $200 per month, or elect to provide a reversionary annuity of less than $50 per month.
    (d) A reversionary annuity shall begin on the day following the death of the annuitant, with the first prorated payment due and payable the first day of the month following the date of death, and shall continue monthly thereafter until the death of the reversionary annuitant, with the last payment prorated to date of death.
    (e) Notwithstanding the fact that a policeman has elected to receive a reduced annuity under this Section, the increases in annuity provided in Section 5-167.1 of this Article shall be calculated on the amount of the original unreduced annuity.
    (f) The amount of the monthly reversionary annuity shall be determined by multiplying the amount of the monthly reduction in the policeman's annuity by the applicable factor in the following table based on the age of the policeman and the difference in the age of the policeman and the age of the policeman's spouse at the starting date of the policeman's annuity.
Policeman's Age
Spouse's Age50-5253-5556-5859-6162-6465 &
30 or more years
25-29 years younger3.062.602.201.861.571.32
20-24 years younger3.252.762.352.001.691.42
15-19 years younger3.502.992.562.191.861.57
10-14 years younger3.863.312.852.452.101.79
5-9 years younger4.363.773.262.832.442.10
0-4 years younger5.064.403.853.362.932.55
1-5 years older6.045.304.684.133.633.19
6-10 years older7.406.565.865.234.634.09
11-15 years older9.318.337.516.756.015.31
16-20 years older11.9510.789.788.847.907.02
21-25 years older15.5414.0712.8611.7310.609.56
26-30 years older20.3718.5517.1515.9414.7313.62
31 or more years
(Source: P.A. 83-823.)