(40 ILCS 5/16-189)
    Sec. 16-189. Fiduciary report. On or before September 1, 2023, and annually thereafter, the Board shall publish its guidelines for voting proxy ballots and a detailed report on its website describing how the Board is considering sustainability factors as defined in the Illinois Sustainable Investing Act. The report shall:
        (1) describe the Board's strategy as it relates to
the consideration of sustainable investment factors;
        (2) outline the process for regular assessment across
the total portfolio of potential effects from systemic and regulatory risks and opportunities, including, but not limited to, sustainability factors on the assets of the plan;
        (3) disclose how each investment manager serving as a
fiduciary to the Board integrates sustainability factors into the investment manager's investment decision-making process;
        (4) provide a comprehensive proxy voting report;
        (5) provide an overview of all corporate engagement
and stewardship activities; and
        (6) include any other information the Board deems
(Source: P.A. 103-468, eff. 8-4-23.)