(40 ILCS 5/12-145) (from Ch. 108 1/2, par. 12-145)
    Sec. 12-145. Re-entry of former employee. (a) Any former employee who received a refund who re-enters service and remains in continuous service for a period of 2 years may have restored to him all service and accumulations for annuity purposes for all previous employment; provided he repays to the fund all amounts received as refund, including regular interest from the dates of refund to the date of repayment. Such repayment may be made in installments, and must be fully paid within 1 year from the date of application of the employee for the exercise of the right of repayment.
    (b) Any employee entering service as a future entrant shall be entitled to credit for service rendered an employer in any capacity other than employee as herein defined; provided, that such service was rendered immediately preceding his entry into the new service of the employer. All amounts to the credit of the employee for annuity purposes in any annuity and benefit fund to which such employee was a contributor in such other capacity shall be transferred to this fund and used for the respective annuity purposes herein provided.
    (c) Whenever any former employee shall have reentered the service after July 1, 1919, or after July 1, 1937 in the case of an employee of the board, and completes 5 years of continuous service following such reentry, but who was not in the service of the employer on July 1, 1919 or July 1, 1937, as the case may be, so as to be classed as a present employee, such employee having had service prior to said date, shall receive credit for such prior service in accordance with the provisions of "The 1919 Act", upon completion of said 5 years of continuous service. Such employee shall thereupon be entitled to the classification of a present employee.
    (d) Any employee who shall not withdraw the amounts to which he shall have a right to refund, or shall not have entered upon annuity, shall have a right to have all such amounts and all other amounts to his credit for annuity purposes on the date of his withdrawal retained to his credit and improved by regular interest until the date of retirement. These amounts are to be used for annuity purposes for his benefit and the benefit of any person who may have any right to annuity through him because of his service according to the provisions of this Article in the event he shall subsequently re-enter service.
(Source: P.A. 86-272.)