(40 ILCS 5/12-133.6)
    Sec. 12-133.6. Early retirement incentive.
    (a) To be eligible for the benefits provided in this Section, a person must:
        (1) have been, on November 1, 2003, an employee (i)
contributing to the Fund in active payroll status in a position of employment under this Article, (ii) returning to active payroll status from an approved leave of absence prior to December 1, 2003, (iii) receiving ordinary or duty disability benefits under Section 12-140, 12-142, or 12-143 or (iv) or have been subjected to an involuntary termination or layoff by the employer and restored to service by his or her employer prior to January 31, 2004;
        (2) have not previously retired under this Article;
        (3) file with the Board before January 31, 2004 a
written election requesting the benefits provided in this Section;
        (4) withdraw from service on or after January 31,
2004 and on or before February 29, 2004 (or the date established under subsection (a-5), if applicable); and
        (5) have, by the date of withdrawal or by February
29, 2004, whichever is earlier, attained age 50 with at least 10 years of creditable service in one or more participating systems under the Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act, without including any creditable service established under this Section.
    (a-5) To ensure that the efficient operation of employers under this Article is not jeopardized by the simultaneous retirement of large numbers of critical personnel, each employer may, for its critical employees, extend the February 29, 2004 deadline for terminating employment under this Article established in subdivision (a)(4) of this Section to a date not later than May 31, 2004 by so notifying the Fund by January 31, 2004.
    (b) An eligible person may establish up to 5 years of creditable service under this Section, in increments of one month, by making the contributions specified in subsection (c). In addition, for each month of creditable service established under this Section, a person's age at retirement shall be deemed to be one month older than it actually is, except for purposes of determining age under item (5) of subsection (a).
    The creditable service established under this Section may be used for all purposes under this Article and the Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act, except for the computation of highest average annual salary under Section 12-133 or the determination of salary under this or any other Article of this Code.
    (c) For each month of creditable service established under this Section, the person must pay to the Fund an employee contribution to be determined by the Fund, equal to 4.50% of the person's monthly salary rate on the date of withdrawal from service. Subject to the requirements of subsection (d), the person may elect to pay the required employee contribution before the retirement annuity commences or through deductions from the retirement annuity over a period not longer than 24 months.
    If a person who retires dies before all payments of the employee contribution have been made, the remaining payments shall be deducted from any survivor or death benefits payable to the employee's surviving spouse or beneficiary.
    Notwithstanding any provision in this Article to the contrary, all employee contributions paid under this Section shall not be deemed employee contributions for the purpose of determining the tax levy under Section 12-149. Notwithstanding any provision in this Article to the contrary, the employer shall not make a contribution for any credit established by an employee under subsection (b) of this Section. Employee contributions made under this Section may be refunded under the same terms and conditions as other employee contributions under this Article.
    (d) A person who retires under the provisions of this Section shall be entitled to have his or her retirement annuity calculated under the provisions of Section 12-133, except that the retirement annuity shall not be subject to reduction for retirement under age 60.
    (e) Notwithstanding Section 12-146 of this Article, an annuitant who reenters service under this Article after receiving a retirement annuity based on additional benefits provided under this Section thereby forfeits the right to continue to receive those benefits, and upon again retiring shall have his or her retirement annuity recalculated at the appropriate time without the additional benefits provided in this Section.
    (f) No employer action in declaring an employee to be a critical employee pursuant to subsection (a-5) shall be construed as an impairment of any pension benefit or entitlement. No early retirement option or resultant benefit conferred under this Section shall, in any manner, vest for any employee until the earlier date of the employer's decision to release the employee from service or May 31, 2004.
(Source: P.A. 93-654, eff. 1-16-04.)