(35 ILCS 750/1-30)
    Sec. 1-30. Registry format.
    (a) The Department shall maintain notices of tax liens filed in the registry after the effective date of this Act in its information management system in a form that permits the information to be readily accessible in an electronic form through the Internet and to be reduced to printed form. The electronic and printed form shall include the following information:
        (1) the name of the taxpayer;
        (2) the name and address of the Department;
        (3) the tax lien number assigned to the lien by the
        (4) the amount of the taxes, penalties, interest, and
fees indicated due on the notice of tax lien received from the Department;
        (5) the date and time of filing; and
        (6) the county or counties where the real property
of the debtor to which the lien will attach is located.
    (b) Information in the registry shall be searchable by name of debtor or by tax lien number. The Department shall not charge for access to information in the registry.
    (c) The Department is authorized to sell at bulk the information appearing on the tax lien registry. In selling the information, the Department shall adopt rules governing the process by which the information will be sold and the media or method by which it will be available to the purchaser and shall set a price for the information that will at least cover the cost of producing the information. The proceeds from the sale of bulk information shall be retained by the Department and used to cover its cost to produce the information sold and to maintain the registry.
    (d) Registry information, whether accessed by name of debtor or by tax lien number at no charge, through a bulk sale of information, or by other means, shall not be used for survey, marketing, or solicitation purposes. Survey, marketing, or solicitation purpose does not include any action by the Department or its authorized agent to collect a debt represented by a tax lien appearing in the registry. The Attorney General may bring an action in any court of competent jurisdiction to enjoin the unlawful use of registry information for survey, marketing, or solicitation purposes and to recover the cost of such action, including reasonable attorney's fees.
(Source: P.A. 100-22, eff. 1-1-18; 100-722, eff. 8-3-18.)