(35 ILCS 200/9-55)
    Sec. 9-55. Survey by owner. When a property is divided into parcels so that it cannot be described without describing it by metes and bounds, it is the duty of the owner to have the land surveyed and platted into lots. The platting shall be in accord with the Plat Act. The plat shall be certified and recorded. Any unit of local government responsible for issuing building permits may require, by ordinance, that the plat be certified and recorded before the building permit is issued, unless a subdivision plat is not required under subsection (b) of Section 1 of the Plat Act. The description of property, in accordance with the number and description in the plat, shall be a valid description of the property described. However, no plat of a subdivision, vacation or dedication of a tract of land shall be approved by a city, incorporated town or village officer, nor shall any recorder record a plat, unless a statement from the county clerk is endorsed thereon showing that he or she finds no delinquent general taxes, unpaid current general taxes, delinquent special assessments or unpaid current special assessments against the tract of land. No officer of a city, village or incorporated town shall approve the plat of a subdivision of a tract of land until all deferred installments of outstanding unpaid special assessments are either certified as paid by the proper collector, or a division thereof is made in accord with the proposed subdivision and duly approved by the court that confirmed the special assessment.
(Source: P.A. 90-788, eff. 8-14-98.)