(35 ILCS 200/4-10)
    Sec. 4-10. Compensation for Certified Illinois Assessing Officers. Subject to the requirements for continued training, any supervisor of assessments, assessor, deputy assessor or member of a board of review in any county who has earned a Certified Illinois Assessing Officers Certificate from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute shall receive from the State, out of funds appropriated to the Department from the Personal Property Tax Replacement Fund, additional compensation of $500 per year.
    To receive a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer certificate, a person shall complete successfully and pass examinations on a basic course in assessment practice approved by the Department and conducted by the Institute and additional courses totaling not less than 60 class hours that are designated and approved by the Department, on the cost, market and income approaches to value, mass appraisal techniques, and property tax administration.
    To continue to be eligible for the additional compensation, a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer must complete successfully a minimum of 15 class hours requiring a written examination, and the equivalent of one seminar course of 15 class hours which does not require a written examination, in each year for which additional compensation is sought after receipt of the certificate. The Department shall designate and approve courses acceptable for additional training, including courses in business and computer techniques, and class hours applicable to each course. The Department shall specify procedures for certifying the completion of the additional training.
    The courses and training shall be conducted annually at various convenient locations throughout the State. At least one course shall be conducted annually in each county with more than 400,000 inhabitants.
(Source: P.A. 97-72, eff. 7-1-11.)