(35 ILCS 200/28-20)
    Sec. 28-20. Apportionment by court. If the owners are unable to agree as to the apportionment, or any of them are under legal disability, one or more of them may file a petition with the circuit court of the county in which the land so assessed is situated, substantially in the form provided in Section 28-10. The corporate authority, together with all owners or persons interested, not joined as petitioners, and unknown owners, if any, shall be made parties defendant. All proceedings shall be had as in other civil cases. The court may hear and determine the case according to the right of the matter. A copy of the record of the proceedings of the court relating to the premises in case of an apportionment, duly certified, shall be filed and recorded in the office of the county clerk. As to the land covered by the court's order, the owners of the land, the apportionment, and the collection of the several amounts apportioned, the proceedings have the same force and effect as is provided in Section 28-15 when the corporate authorities approved a petition.
(Source: P.A. 83-345; 88-455.)