(35 ILCS 200/23-40)
    Sec. 23-40. Error or informality in making levy or in certifying or filing. In all judicial proceedings concerning the levying and collection of taxes, an error or informality of any officer or officers in making any tax levy or in certifying or filing the levy not affecting the substantial justice of the levy itself, shall not vitiate or void the levy or affect the tax. When the error or informality in a levy, its certification, filing or publication can be corrected by amendment, or a levy can be sufficiently itemized, the purpose defined and made certain by amendment, made prior to the entry of any order of court affecting the levy or the collection of taxes thereon, an amendment or amendments, certification, filing or publication may be made by the taxing bodies affected. The ordinance, resolution, publication or certificate, as amended, certified, filed or published, shall, upon proof of such amendment or amendments, certification, filing or publication being made to the court, have the same force and effect as though originally adopted, published, filed and certified in the amended form. The aggregate amount or rate of the original levy shall not be increased by an action taken under this Section. A statute terminating the time within which appropriations or tax levies may be made, published, certified or filed, shall not apply to any republication, recertification or refiling, or to any amendment or revision authorized or permitted by this Section.
(Source: Laws 1939, p. 886; P.A. 88-455.)