(35 ILCS 200/21-80)
    Sec. 21-80. Preventing waste to property; receiver. During the pendency of any tax foreclosure proceeding and until the time to redeem the property sold expires, or redemption is made, from any sale made under any judgment foreclosing the lien of taxes, no waste shall be committed or suffered on any of the property involved. The property shall be maintained in good condition and repair. When violations of local building, health or safety codes make the property dangerous or hazardous, when taxes on the property are delinquent for 2 years or more, or when in the judgment of the court it is to the best interest of the parties, the court may, upon the verified petition of any party to the proceeding, or the holder of the certificate of purchase, appoint a receiver for the property with like powers and duties of receivers as in other cases of foreclosure of mortgages or trust deeds. The court in its discretion, may take any other action as may be necessary or desirable to prevent waste and maintain the property in good condition and repair.
(Source: P.A. 85-795; 88-455.)