(35 ILCS 200/21-430)
    Sec. 21-430. Partial settlement. In the event an owner or party interested requests to make settlement on a part of the property sold to a municipality, withdrawn from collection or forfeited to the State for the non-payment of special assessments, the municipal officer is hereby authorized to accept the pro rata amount of any or all installments of the special assessment. That amount shall be computed by the board of local improvements, or other board or officer levying the special assessment, together with interest, costs and penalties as provided by law.
    A petition containing the computation shall then be presented by the municipality to the court wherein the original assessment was confirmed. The petition shall bear the same number and title as the original proceeding. At least 10 days before the date set for the hearing of the petition, notices shall be sent by mail, postpaid, to each of the persons who last paid the general taxes on the property originally assessed. The notices shall contain the description of the property as originally assessed, as it is to be divided, and the division of the original assessment, or installments thereof, together with interest, costs and penalties, showing the amount to be charged against each part of the property of land so divided, the date when the petition is to be heard, and the date when objections thereto may be filed.
    An affidavit by one of the members of the board of local improvements, or other board or officer computing the division, attesting to the mailing is prima facie evidence of a compliance with this Section. The court shall proceed to determine a fair and equitable division of the assessment, or any installment thereof, together with all interest, penalties and costs. The court shall order the cancellation of the certificate of sale, withdrawal or forfeiture on any part of the property if settlement is made within 10 days from the date of the court's order.
    The county clerk may note on the certificate the partial cancellation and shall issue a certificate of cancellation on that part of the property and return the certificate to the municipality. Where a certificate of forfeiture or withdrawal has not been issued, the county clerk may accept the Receipt of Deposit for Redemption, issued by the municipal officer, as provided by law, and the clerk shall issue a certificate of cancellation on that part of the property. He or she shall make proper entry on his or her records showing the part of the property on which settlement has been made and the amount due on the balance.
(Source: P.A. 83-358; 88-455.)