(35 ILCS 200/18-130)
    Sec. 18-130. Restrictions. The proposition to authorize a maximum tax rate other than that applicable may, in the discretion of the corporate authorities, be restricted to the tax levy of a given year or series of years, either by resolution of the corporate authorities or by the petitioners requesting a vote on that proposition. The maximum rate limitation thereafter shall revert to that prior to the referendum. If more than one proposition is submitted for any one fund of any taxing district at any one election and a majority of votes cast on any one or more of the propositions are in favor thereof, only the maximum tax rate authorized in the proposition receiving the highest number of favorable votes shall become effective. Propositions to establish a maximum tax rate other than those applicable shall not be submitted more than once in any one year.
    No proposition to increase or decrease a maximum tax rate under the referendum provisions of this Section, when there is no other applicable statute for an increase or decrease in a tax rate limit by referendum or otherwise, shall increase or decrease the maximum tax rate in effect on the date of the referendum by more than 25%.
    Except as provided in this Section and Sections 18-120 and 18-125, the referenda authorized by Sections 18-120 and 18-125 shall be conducted in all respects as provided by the general election law.
(Source: P.A. 86-1253; 88-455.)