(35 ILCS 200/16-195)
    Sec. 16-195. Review of decisions. Final administrative decisions of the Property Tax Appeal Board are subject to review under the provisions of the Administrative Review Law, except that in every case where a change in assessed valuation of $300,000 or more was sought, that review shall be afforded directly in the Appellate Court for the district in which the property involved in the Board's decision is situated, and not in the circuit court. The Property Tax Appeal Board shall certify the record of its proceedings only if the taxpayer or other entity seeking review under the Administrative Review Law pays to it for each page of legal size or smaller, the sum of 75 per page for testimony taken before the Board and 25 per page for all other matters contained in the record, and for any page larger than legal size the sum of $1, except that these charges may be waived when the Board is satisfied that the aggrieved party cannot afford to pay such charges. There shall be no charge to the taxpayer or other entity for certification by the Property Tax Appeal Board of any pages of the record which are furnished for inclusion in the record by the taxpayer or other entity seeking review. If payment for the record is not made by the taxpayer or other entity within 30 days after notice from the Board or the Attorney General of the cost thereof, the court in which the proceeding is pending, on motion of the Board, shall dismiss the complaint.
(Source: P.A. 87-1189; 88-455.)