(35 ILCS 200/16-130)
    Sec. 16-130. Exemption procedures; board of appeals; board of review. Whenever the board of appeals (until the first Monday in December 1998 and the board of review beginning the first Monday in December 1998 and thereafter) in any county with 3,000,000 or more inhabitants determines that any property is or is not exempt from taxation, the decision of the board shall not be final, except as to homestead exemptions. Upon filing of any application for an exemption which would, if approved, reduce the assessed valuation of any property by more than $100,000, other than a homestead exemption, the owner shall give timely notice of the application by mailing a copy of it to any municipality, fire protection district, school district, and community college district in which such property is situated. Failure of a municipality, fire protection district, school district, or community college district to receive the notice shall not invalidate any exemption. The board shall give the municipalities, fire protection districts, school districts, and community college districts and the taxpayer an opportunity to be heard. In all exemption cases other than homestead exemptions, the secretary of the board shall comply with the provisions of Section 5-15. The Department shall then determine whether the property is or is not legally liable to taxation. It shall notify the board of its decision and the board shall correct the assessment accordingly, if necessary. The decision of the Department is subject to review under Sections 8-35 and 8-40. The extension of taxes on any assessment shall not be delayed by any proceedings under this paragraph, and, in case the property is determined to be exempt, any taxes extended upon the unauthorized assessment shall be abated or, if already paid, shall be refunded.
(Source: P.A. 98-937, eff. 8-15-14.)