(35 ILCS 200/10-105)
    Sec. 10-105. Interstate bridges. All bridge structures across any navigable streams forming the boundary line between the State of Illinois and any other State, and not classified as operating property by any railroad operating in this State, shall be assessed by the township or other assessor in the county or township where the structure is located. All provisions relating to the assessment and taxation of property, shall apply to those bridges. The assessor shall give in his or her description the quarter section of property, section of property, township and range in which the bridge is located or terminates in this State, together with the metes and bounds of the ground occupied by the bridge and the approaches to it, from the end on the Illinois shore to the center of the main channel of the stream crossed by the bridge. To obtain the description, the assessor may employ a competent surveyor, and the expense of making the survey and description shall be charged as a tax against the property by the county clerk, on the certificate of the surveyor. One survey of any bridge and approaches made under this Code, shall be deemed sufficient for the purpose of subsequent assessment of the bridge or approaches.
    In default of the payment of any tax assessed against any bridge company, the bridge structure and its approaches that are located within this State, together with the land on which they are located, as described by the assessor, and the franchise belonging thereto, shall be sold for the tax at the same time and in the same manner as other property in the county is sold for delinquent tax. Any county, city, town, school district or other municipal corporation, interested in the collection of the tax levied upon the bridge, may become the purchaser at the sale, or at any sale of the property under judgment recovered upon, or to enforce the collection of the tax; and if the property so sold is not redeemed, may acquire, hold, sell and dispose of the title.
(Source: Laws 1939, p. 886; P.A. 88-455.)