(35 ILCS 135/25b)
    Sec. 25b. Possession of not less than 10 and not more than 100 original packages not tax stamped or improperly tax stamped; penalty. With the exception of licensed distributors and transporters, as defined in Section 9c of the Cigarette Tax Act, possessing unstamped packages of cigarettes, and licensed distributors possessing original packages of cigarettes that bear a tax stamp of another state or taxing jurisdiction, anyone possessing or having possessed not less than 10 and not more than 100 packages of contraband cigarettes contained in original packages is liable to pay to the Department, for deposit into the Tax Compliance and Administration Fund, a penalty of $20 for each such package of cigarettes, unless reasonable cause can be established by the person upon whom the penalty is imposed. Reasonable cause shall be determined in each situation in accordance with rules adopted by the Department. Any person who purchases and possesses a total of 9 or fewer original packages of unstamped cigarettes per month is exempt from the penalties of this Section. The provisions of the Uniform Penalty and Interest Act do not apply to this Section.
(Source: P.A. 100-940, eff. 8-17-18.)