(35 ILCS 40/50)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2025)
    Sec. 50. Qualified school responsibilities. A qualified school that accepts scholarship students must do all of the following:
        (1) provide to a scholarship granting organization,
upon request, all documentation required for the student's participation, including the non-public school's cost and student's fee schedules;
        (2) be academically accountable to the custodian for
meeting the educational needs of the student by:
            (A) at a minimum, annually providing to the
custodian a written explanation of the student's progress; and
            (B) annually administering assessments required
by subsection (a) of Section 45 of this Act in the same manner in which they are administered at public schools pursuant to Section 2-3.64a-5 of the School Code; the Board shall bill participating qualified schools for all costs associated with administering assessments required by this paragraph; the participating qualified schools shall ensure that all test security and assessment administration procedures are followed; participating qualified schools must report individual student scores to the custodians of the students; the independent research organization described in subsection (b) of Section 45 of this Act shall be provided all student score data in a secure manner by the participating qualified school.
    The inability of a qualified school to meet the requirements of this Section shall constitute a basis for the ineligibility of the qualified school to participate in the scholarship program as determined by the Board.
(Source: P.A. 100-465, eff. 8-31-17.)