(35 ILCS 10/5-65)
    Sec. 5-65. Noncompliance; notice; assessment. If the Director determines that a Taxpayer who has received a Credit under this Act is not complying with the requirements of the Agreement or all of the provisions of this Act, the Director shall provide notice to the Taxpayer of the alleged noncompliance, and allow the Taxpayer a hearing under the provisions of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act. If, after such notice and any hearing, the Director determines that a noncompliance exists, the Director shall issue to the Department of Revenue notice to that effect, stating the Noncompliance Date. If, during the term of an Agreement, the Taxpayer ceases operations at a project location that is the subject of that Agreement with the intent to terminate operations in the State, the Department and the Department of Revenue shall recapture from the Taxpayer the entire Credit amount awarded under that Agreement prior to the date the taxpayer ceases operations. The Department shall, subject to appropriation, reallocate the recaptured amounts to the local workforce investment area in which the project was located for the purposes of workforce development, expanded opportunities for unemployed persons, and expanded opportunities for women and minorities in the workforce.
(Source: P.A. 100-511, eff. 9-18-17.)