(30 ILCS 708/30)
    Sec. 30. Catalog of State Financial Assistance. The Catalog of State Financial Assistance is a single, authoritative, statewide, comprehensive source document of State financial assistance program information. The Catalog shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:
        (1) An introductory section that contains Catalog
highlights, an explanation of how to use the Catalog, an explanation of the Catalog and its contents, and suggested grant proposal writing methods and grant application procedures.
        (2) A comprehensive indexing system that
categorizes programs by issuing agency, eligible applicant, application deadlines, function, popular name, and subject area.
        (3) Comprehensive appendices showing State
assistance programs that require coordination through this Act and regulatory, legislative, and Executive Order authority for each program, commonly used abbreviations and acronyms, agency regional and local office addresses, and sources of additional information.
        (4) A list of programs that have been added to or
deleted from the Catalog and the various program numbers and title changes.
        (5) Program number, title, and popular name, if
        (6) The name of the State department or agency or
independent agency and primary organization sub-unit administering the program.
        (7) The enabling legislation, including popular
name of the Act, titles and Sections, Public Act number, and citation to the Illinois Compiled Statutes.
        (8) The type or types of financial and nonfinancial
assistance offered by the program.
        (9) Uses and restrictions placed upon the program.
        (10) Eligibility requirements, including applicant
eligibility criteria, beneficiary eligibility criteria, and required credentials and documentation.
        (11) Objectives and goals of the program.
        (12) Information regarding application and award
processing; application deadlines; range of approval or disapproval time; appeal procedure; and availability of a renewal or extension of assistance.
        (13) Assistance considerations, including an
explanation of the award formula, matching requirements, and the length and time phasing of the assistance.
        (14) Post-assistance requirements, including any
reports, audits, and records that may be required.
        (15) Program accomplishments (where available)
describing quantitative measures of program performance.
        (16) Regulations, guidelines, and literature
containing citations to the Illinois Administrative Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, and other pertinent informational materials.
        (17) The names, telephone numbers, and e-mail
addresses of persons to be contacted for detailed program information at the headquarters, regional, and local levels.
(Source: P.A. 98-706, eff. 7-16-14.)