(30 ILCS 708/110)
    Sec. 110. Documentation of award decisions. Each award that is granted pursuant to an application process must include documentation to support the award.
    (a) For each State or federal pass-through award that is granted following an application process, the State grant-making agency shall create a grant award file. The grant award file shall contain, at a minimum:
        (1) A description of the grant.
        (2) The Notice of Opportunity, if applicable.
        (3) All applications received in response to the
Notice of Opportunity, if applicable.
        (4) Copies of any written communications between an
applicant and the State grant-making agency, if applicable.
        (5) The criteria used to evaluate the applications,
if applicable.
        (6) The scores assigned to each applicant according
to the criteria, if applicable.
        (7) A written determination, signed by an authorized
representative of the State grant-making agency, setting forth the reason for the grant award decision, if applicable.
        (8) The Notice of Award.
        (9) Any other pre-award documents.
        (10) The grant agreement and any renewals, if
        (11) All post-award, administration, and close-out
documents relating to the grant.
        (12) Any other information relevant to the grant
    (b) The grant file shall not include trade secrets or other competitively sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information.
    (c) Each grant file shall be maintained by the State grant-making agency and, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, shall be available for public inspection and copying within 7 calendar days following award of the grant.
(Source: P.A. 100-997, eff. 8-20-18.)