(30 ILCS 705/4) (from Ch. 127, par. 2304)
    Sec. 4. Grant Application and Agreement Requirements.
    (a) Any person or organization, public or private, desiring to receive grant funds must submit a grant application to the appropriate grantor agency. Applications for grant funds shall be made on prescribed forms developed by the grantor agency, and shall include, without being limited to, the following provisions:
        (1) the name, address, chief officers, and general
description of the applicant;
        (2) a general description of the program, project, or
use for which grant funding is requested;
        (3) such plans, equipment lists, and other documents
as may be required to show the type, structure, and general character of the program, project, or use for which grant funding is requested;
        (4) cost estimates of developing, constructing,
operating, or completing the program, project, or use for which grant funding is requested; and
        (5) a program of proposed expenditures for the grant
    (b) Grant funds may not be used except pursuant to a written grant agreement, and any disbursement of grant funds without a grant agreement is void. At a minimum, a grant agreement must:
        (1) describe the purpose of the grant and be signed
by the grantor agency making the grant and all grantees of the grant;
        (2) specify how payments shall be made, what
constitutes permissible expenditure of the grant funds, and the financial controls applicable to the grant, including, for those grants in excess of $25,000, the filing of quarterly reports describing the progress of the program, project, or use and the expenditure of the grant funds related thereto;
        (3) specify the period of time for which the grant is
valid and, subject to the limitation of Section 5, the period of time during which grant funds may be expended by the grantee;
        (4) contain a provision that any grantees receiving
grant funds are required to permit the grantor agency, the Auditor General, or the Attorney General to inspect and audit any books, records, or papers related to the program, project, or use for which grant funds were provided;
        (5) contain a provision that all funds remaining at
the end of the grant agreement or at the expiration of the period of time grant funds are available for expenditure or obligation by the grantee shall be returned to the State within 45 days; and
        (6) contain a provision in which the grantee
certifies under oath that all information in the grant agreement is true and correct to the best of the grantee's knowledge, information, and belief; that the funds shall be used only for the purposes described in the grant agreement; and that the award of grant funds is conditioned upon such certification.
(Source: P.A. 96-795, eff. 7-1-10 (see Section 5 of P.A. 96-793 for the effective date of changes made by P.A. 96-795).)