(30 ILCS 590/4) (from Ch. 127, par. 3004)
    Sec. 4. Prior to receiving authorization from the Department to contract for child care services, a State agency shall demonstrate a need for such services. Proof of need submitted to the Department may include a survey of agency employees as well as a determination of the availability of child care services under such agency, through other State agencies, or in the community. The Department may also require submission of a feasibility, design and implementation plan, which takes into consideration similar needs and services of other State agencies.
    The Department shall assist any State agency authorized to procure child care services in the preparation of a request for proposals, in order to assure that the services provided address the specific needs of the agency personnel.
    Any State agency authorized by the Department to contract for child care services shall have the sole responsibility for choosing the successful bidder and overseeing the operation of its child care service program within the guidelines established by the Department. The Department shall promulgate rules pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act which detail the specific standards to be used by the Director of any State agency in the selection of a vendor of child care services.
    The State agency's contract shall provide for the establishment of or arrangement for the use of a licensed day care center or a licensed day care agency, as defined in the Child Care Act of 1969.
    State agencies with similar needs, or those with small employee populations may group together to establish need and contract for the provision of child care services.
(Source: P.A. 85-1337; 86-1482.)