(30 ILCS 587/5)
    Sec. 5. Findings; policy.
    (a) The Legislature finds that:
        (1) The advent of the information age throughout the
United States and around the world has resulted in dramatic increases in the importance of information technology in employment, education, and the receipt of services.
        (2) While information technology is increasingly
being used as a means of providing information, communications, and services, the State is not consistently or cost-effectively ensuring that these technologies are accessible to individuals with disabilities.
        (3) The lack of accessible information technology can
prevent individuals with disabilities from participating on equal terms in crucial areas of life, such as education and employment.
        (4) Techniques and products exist that can ensure
that information technology can be made accessible to individuals with disabilities in consistent and cost-effective manners.
        (5) By proactively addressing accessibility in its
information technology development and procurement processes, the State can cost-effectively ensure that its information technology will be accessible to individuals with disabilities.
    (b) It is the policy of the State of Illinois that information technology developed, purchased, or provided by the State is accessible to individuals with disabilities.
(Source: P.A. 95-307, eff. 8-20-07.)