(30 ILCS 500/20-25)
    Sec. 20-25. Sole source procurements.
    (a) In accordance with standards set by rule, contracts may be awarded without use of the specified method of source selection when there is only one economically feasible source for the item. A State contract may be awarded as a sole source contract unless an interested party submits a written request for a public hearing at which the chief procurement officer and purchasing agency present written justification for the procurement method. Any interested party may present testimony. A sole source contract where a hearing was requested by an interested party may be awarded after the hearing is conducted with the approval of the chief procurement officer.
    (b) This Section may not be used as a basis for amending a contract for professional or artistic services if the amendment would result in an increase in the amount paid under the contract of more than 5% of the initial award, or would extend the contract term beyond the time reasonably needed for a competitive procurement, not to exceed 2 months.
    (c) Notice of intent to enter into a sole source contract shall be provided to the Procurement Policy Board and the Commission on Equity and Inclusion and published in the online electronic Bulletin at least 14 calendar days before the public hearing required in subsection (a). The notice shall include the sole source procurement justification form prescribed by the Board, a description of the item to be procured, the intended sole source contractor, and the date, time, and location of the public hearing. A copy of the notice and all documents provided at the hearing shall be included in the subsequent Procurement Bulletin.
    (d) By August 1 each year, each chief procurement officer shall file a report with the General Assembly identifying each contract the officer sought under the sole source procurement method and providing the justification given for seeking sole source as the procurement method for each of those contracts.
(Source: P.A. 100-43, eff. 8-9-17; 101-657, eff. 1-1-22.)