(25 ILCS 170/6.5)
    Sec. 6.5. Expenditures on behalf of officials.
    (a) A registrant that makes an expenditure on behalf of an official must inform the official in writing, contemporaneously with receipt of the expenditure, that the expenditure is a reportable expenditure pursuant to this Act and that the official will be included in the report submitted by the registrant in accordance with Section 6.
    (b) Any official disclosed in a report submitted pursuant to Section 6 who did not receive the notification of the expenditure required by subsection (a) of this Section or who has returned or reimbursed the expenditure included in a report submitted pursuant to Section 6 may, at any time, contest the disclosure of an expenditure by submitting a letter to the registrant and the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall make the letter available to the public in the same manner as the report.
(Source: P.A. 96-1358, eff. 7-28-10.)