(20 ILCS 2407/53)
    Sec. 53. Rebalancing benchmarks.
    (a) Illinois' long-term care system is in a state of transformation, as evidenced by the creation and subsequent work products of the Disability Services Advisory Committee, Older Adult Services Advisory Committee, Housing Task Force and other executive and legislative branch initiatives.
    (b) Illinois' Money Follows the Person demonstration approval capitalizes on this progress and commits the State to transition approximately 3,357 older persons and persons with developmental, physical or psychiatric disabilities from institutional to home and community-based settings, resulting in an increased percentage of long-term care community spending over the next 5 years.
    (c) The State will endeavor to increase the percentage of community-based long-term care spending over the next 5 years according to the following timeline:
        Estimated baseline: 28.5%
        Year 1: 30%
        Year 2: 31%
        Year 3: 32%
        Year 4: 35%
        Year 5: 37%
    (d) The Departments will utilize interagency agreements and will seek legislative authority to implement a Money Follows the Person budgetary mechanism to allocate or reallocate funds for the purpose of expanding the availability, quality or stability of home and community-based long-term care services and supports for persons with disabilities.
    (e) The allocation of public funds for home and community-based long-term care services shall not have the effect of: (i) diminishing or reducing the quality of services available to residents of long-term care facilities; (ii) forcing any residents of long-term care facilities to involuntarily accept home and community-based long-term care services, or causing any residents of long-term care facilities to be involuntarily transferred or discharged; (iii) causing reductions in long-term care facility reimbursement rates in effect as of July 1, 2008; or (iv) diminishing access to a full array of long-term care options.
(Source: P.A. 95-438, eff. 1-1-08.)