(20 ILCS 2310/2310-228)
    Sec. 2310-228. Nursing workforce database.
    (a) The Department shall, subject to appropriation and in consultation with the Illinois Coalition for Nursing Resources, the Illinois Nurses Association, and other nursing associations, establish and administer a nursing workforce database. The database shall be assembled from data currently collected by State agencies or departments that may be released under the Freedom of Information Act and shall be maintained with the assistance of the Department of Professional Regulation, the Department of Labor, the Department of Employment Security, and any other State agency or department with access to nursing workforce-related information.
    (b) The objective of establishing the database shall be to compile the following data related to the nursing workforce that is currently collected by State agencies or departments that may be released under the Freedom of Information Act:
        (1) Data on current and projected population
demographics and available health indicator data to determine how the population needs relate to the demand for nursing services.
        (2) Data to create a dynamic system for projecting
nurse workforce supply and demand.
        (3) Data related to the development of a nursing
workforce that considers the diversity, educational mix, geographic distribution, and number of nurses needed within the State.
        (4) Data on the current and projected numbers of
nurse faculty who are needed to educate the nurses who will be needed to meet the needs of the residents of the State.
        (5) Data on nursing education programs within the
State including number of nursing programs, applications, enrollments, and graduation rates.
        (6) Data needed to develop collaborative models
between nursing education and practice to identify necessary competencies, educational strategies, and models of professional practice.
        (7) Data on nurse practice setting, practice
locations, and specialties.
    (c) To accomplish the objectives set forth in subsection (b), data compiled by the Department into a database may be used by the Department, medical institutions and societies, health care facilities and associations of health care facilities, and nursing programs to assess current and projected nursing workforce shortfalls and develop strategies for overcoming them. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Department may not disclose any data that it compiles under this Section in a manner that would allow the identification of any particular health care professional or health care facility.
    (d) Nothing in this Section shall be construed as requiring any health care facility to file or submit any data, information, or reports to the Department or any State agency or department.
    (e) No later than January 15, 2006, the Department shall submit a report to the Governor and to the members of the General Assembly regarding the development of the database and the effectiveness of its use.
(Source: P.A. 93-795, eff. 1-1-05.)