(20 ILCS 2305/8.2)
    Sec. 8.2. Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program.
    (a) The Department of Public Health, utilizing available federal funds, State funds appropriated for that purpose, or other available funding as provided for in this Section, shall establish, promote, and maintain an Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program to promote public awareness of the causes of osteoporosis, options for prevention, the value of early detection, and possible treatments (including the benefits and risks of those treatments). The Department may accept, for that purpose, any special grant of money, services, or property from the federal government or any of its agencies or from any foundation, organization, or medical school.
    (b) The program shall include the following:
        (1) Development of a public education and outreach
campaign to promote osteoporosis prevention and education, including, but not limited to, the following subjects:
            (A) The cause and nature of the disease.
            (B) Risk factors.
            (C) The role of hysterectomy.
            (D) Prevention of osteoporosis, including
nutrition, diet, and physical exercise.
            (E) Diagnostic procedures and appropriate
indications for their use.
            (F) Hormone replacement, including benefits and
            (G) Environmental safety and injury prevention.
            (H) Availability of osteoporosis diagnostic
treatment services in the community.
        (2) Development of educational materials to be made
available for consumers, particularly targeted to high-risk groups, through local health departments, local physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, or physician assistants, other providers (including, but not limited to, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, and clinics), and women's organizations.
        (3) Development of professional education programs
for health care providers to assist them in understanding research findings and the subjects set forth in paragraph (1).
        (4) Development and maintenance of a list of current
providers of specialized services for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Dissemination of the list shall be accompanied by a description of diagnostic procedures, appropriate indications for their use, and a cautionary statement about the current status of osteoporosis research, prevention, and treatment. The statement shall also indicate that the Department does not license, certify, or in any other way approve osteoporosis programs or centers in this State.
    (c) The State Board of Health shall serve as an advisory board to the Department with specific respect to the prevention and education activities related to osteoporosis described in this Section. The State Board of Health shall assist the Department in implementing this Section.
(Source: P.A. 99-581, eff. 1-1-17; 100-513, eff. 1-1-18.)