(20 ILCS 2105/2105-355)
    Sec. 2105-355. Licensing exemptions related to free medical clinics.
    (a) Any health care professional authorized by law to provide services at a free medical clinic may do so without being licensed under any Act administered by the Department, provided that the health care professional:
        (1) is duly licensed by, or otherwise authorized to
practice the profession by, any state or territory of the United States;
        (2) restricts his, her, or its licensed or
authorized services and duties solely to the provision of care or service at a free medical clinic;
        (3) provides only the care or services that the
individual or entity is licensed or otherwise authorized to provide by any state or territory of the United States; and
        (4) provides a copy of his or her current
out-of-state license or authorization to practice to the free medical clinic, which shall retain the copy for 2 years.
    (b) The requirements of this Section 2105-355 do not apply to the exemptions authorized by the Department pursuant to Section 2105-400 of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 96-931, eff. 6-21-10.)