(20 ILCS 1815/1-10)
    Sec. 1-10. Activation of the State Guard.
    (a) Whenever the Commander-in-Chief deems it necessary or advisable for the purpose of executing the laws of the State or to prevent an actual or threatened violation of law; when the nation is at war and a requisition or order has been made, or is likely to be made, by the President of the United States calling the National Guard, or parts thereof, into the National service; or for any other emergency, he or she may issue a proclamation calling for volunteers to serve in the State Guard. Persons who answer the call and who are appointed or enlisted in the State Guard shall serve in State Active Duty status.
    (b) The proclamation shall state the number of volunteers needed and the period of State Active Duty during which they are called to serve. The Commander-in-Chief may terminate or extend any such proclamation at any time he or she determines appropriate and in the best interests of the State.
    (c) When mobilized and deployed to support civil authorities, the State Guard may be directed by civil authorities as to work to be done or the result to be attained, but not as to the method to be employed. At all times, State Guard units and members shall remain under the command and control of the Commander-in-Chief, the Adjutant General, and such subordinate commanders as the Adjutant General may appoint.
(Source: P.A. 100-1030, eff. 8-22-18.)