(20 ILCS 1315/40)
    Sec. 40. Application requirements. The Secretary shall require that an application for Youthbuild funds under this Act contain at a minimum:
        (1) a request for an implementation grant, specifying
the amount of the grant requested and its proposed uses;
        (2) a description of the applicant and a statement of
its qualifications, including a description of the applicant's past experience running a Youthbuild program, and with housing rehabilitation or construction and with youth and youth education, youth leadership development and employment training programs, and its relationship with local unions and youth apprenticeship programs, and other community groups;
        (3) a description of the proposed construction site
for the program and evidence of site control;
        (4) a description of the educational and job training
activities, work opportunities, and other services that will be provided to participants;
        (5) a description of the proposed construction or
rehabilitation activities to be undertaken and the anticipated schedule for carrying out such activities;
        (6) a description of the manner in which eligible
youths will be recruited and selected, including a description of the arrangements which will be made with community-based organizations, local educational agencies, including agencies of Native American nations, public assistance agencies, the courts of jurisdiction for status and youth offenders, shelters for homeless individuals and other agencies that serve homeless youth, foster care agencies, and other appropriate public and private agencies;
        (7) a description of the special efforts that will be
undertaken to recruit eligible young women (including young women with dependent children) with appropriate supports, especially childcare;
        (8) a description of how the proposed program will be
coordinated with other federal, State, and local activities and activities conducted by Native American nations, including public schools, national service, crime prevention programs, vocational, adult, and bilingual education programs, and job training;
        (9) assurances that there will be a sufficient number
of adequately trained supervisory personnel in the program who have attained the level of journeyman or its equivalent;
        (10) a description of the applicant's relationship
with any local building trade unions which may exist, regarding their involvement in training, and the relationship of the Youthbuild program with registered apprenticeship programs;
        (11) a description of activities that will be
undertaken to develop the leadership skills of participants, including their role in decision making;
        (12) a detailed budget and a description of the
system of fiscal controls and auditing and accountability procedures that will be used to ensure fiscal soundness;
        (13) a description of any contracts and arrangements
entered into between the applicant and other agencies and entities including all in-kind donations and grants from both public and private entities that will serve to augment Illinois Youthbuild Act funds;
        (14) identification and description of the financing
proposed for any:
            (A) acquisition of the property;
            (B) rehabilitation; or
            (C) construction;
        (15) identification and description of the entity
that will operate and manage the property;
        (16) a certification that the applicant will comply
with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and will affirmatively further fair housing; and
        (17) the qualifications and past experience of the
person who will fill the full-time program director position.
(Source: P.A. 95-524, eff. 8-28-07.)