(20 ILCS 505/7.3)
    Sec. 7.3. Placement plan. The Department shall develop and implement a written plan for placing children. The plan shall include at least the following features:
        (1) A plan for recruiting minority adoptive and
foster families. The plan shall include strategies for using existing resources in minority communities, use of minority outreach staff whenever possible, use of minority foster homes for placements after birth and before adoption, and other techniques as appropriate.
        (2) A plan for training adoptive and foster families
of minority children.
        (3) A plan for employing social workers in adoption
and foster care. The plan shall include staffing goals and objectives.
        (4) A plan for ensuring that adoption and foster care
workers attend training offered or approved by the Department regarding the State's goal of encouraging cultural diversity and the needs of special needs children.
        (5) A plan that includes policies and procedures for
determining for each child requiring placement outside of his or her home, and who cannot be immediately returned to his or her parents or guardian, the placement needs of that child. In the rare instance when an individualized assessment identifies, documents, and substantiates that race, color, or national origin is a factor that needs to be considered in advancing a particular child's best interests, it shall be considered in making a placement.
(Source: P.A. 92-334, eff. 8-10-01.)