(20 ILCS 505/5e)
    Sec. 5e. Advocacy Office for Children and Families. The Department of Children and Family Services shall establish and maintain an Advocacy Office for Children and Families that shall, in addition to other duties assigned by the Director, receive and respond to complaints that may be filed by children, parents, caretakers, and relatives of children receiving child welfare services from the Department of Children and Family Services or its agents. The Department shall promulgate policies and procedures for filing, processing, investigating, and resolving the complaints. The Department shall make a final report to the complainant of its findings. If a final report is not completed, the Department shall report on its disposition every 30 days. The Advocacy Office shall include a statewide toll-free telephone number that may be used to file complaints, or to obtain information about the delivery of child welfare services by the Department or its agents. This telephone number shall be included in all appropriate notices and handbooks regarding services available through the Department.
(Source: P.A. 92-334, eff. 8-10-01; 92-651, eff. 7-11-02.)