(20 ILCS 505/35.7)
    Sec. 35.7. Error Reduction Implementations Plans; Inspector General.
    (a) The Inspector General of the Department of Children and Family Services shall develop Error Reduction Implementation Plans, as necessary, to remedy patterns of errors or problematic practices that compromise or threaten the safety of children as identified in the DCFS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) death or serious injury investigations and Child Death Review Teams recommendations. The Error Reduction Implementation Plans shall include both training and on-site components. The Inspector General shall submit proposed Error Reduction Implementation Plans to the Director for review. The Director may approve the plans submitted, or approve plans amended by the Office of the Inspector General, taking into consideration policies and procedures that govern the function and performance of any affected frontline staff. The Director shall document the basis for disapproval of any submitted or amended plan. The Department shall deploy Error Reduction Safety Teams to implement the Error Reduction Implementation Plans. The Error Reduction Safety Teams shall be composed of Quality Assurance and Division of Training staff to implement hands-on training and Error Reduction Implementation Plans. The teams shall work in the offices of the Department or of agencies, or both, as required by the Error Reduction Implementation Plans, and shall work to ensure that systems are in place to continue reform efforts after the departure of the teams. The Director shall develop a method to ensure consistent compliance with any Error Reduction Implementation Plans, the provisions of which shall be incorporated into the plan.
    (b) Quality Assurance shall prepare public reports annually detailing the following: the substance of any Error Reduction Implementation Plan approved; any deviations from the Error Reduction Plan; whether adequate staff was available to perform functions necessary to the Error Reduction Implementation Plan, including identification and reporting of any staff needs; other problems noted or barriers to implementing the Error Reduction Implementation Plan; and recommendations for additional training, amendments to rules and procedures, or other systemic reform identified by the teams. Quality Assurance shall work with affected frontline staff to implement provisions of the approved Error Reduction Implementation Plans related to staff function and performance.
    (c) The Error Reduction Teams shall implement training and reform protocols through incubating change in each region, Department office, or purchase of service office, as required. The teams shall administer hands-on assistance, supervision, and management while ensuring that the office, region, or agency develops the skills and systems necessary to incorporate changes on a permanent basis. For each Error Reduction Implementation Plan, the Team shall determine whether adequate staff is available to fulfill the Error Reduction Implementation Plan, provide case-by-case supervision to ensure that the plan is implemented, and ensure that management puts systems in place to enable the reforms to continue. Error Reduction Teams shall work with affected frontline staff to ensure that provisions of the approved Error Reduction Implementation Plans relating to staff functions and performance are achieved to effect necessary reforms.
    (d) The OIG shall develop and submit new Error Reduction Implementation Plans as necessary. To implement each Error Reduction Implementation Plan, as approved by the Director, the OIG shall work with Quality Assurance members of the Error Reduction Teams designated by the Department. The teams shall be comprised of staff from Quality Assurance and Training. Training shall work with the OIG and with the child death review teams to develop a curriculum to address errors identified that compromise the safety of children. Following the training roll-out, the Teams shall work on-site in identified offices. The Teams shall review and supervise all work relevant to the Error Reduction Implementation Plan. Quality Assurance shall identify outcome measures and track compliance with the training curriculum. Each quarter, Quality Assurance shall prepare a report detailing compliance with the Error Reduction Implementation Plan and alert the Director to staffing needs or other needs to accomplish the goals of the Error Reduction Implementation Plan. The report shall be transmitted to the Director, the OIG, and all management staff involved in the Error Reduction Implementation Plan.
    (e) The Director shall review quarterly Quality Assurance reports and determine adherence to the Error Reduction Implementation Plan using criteria and standards developed by the Department.
(Source: P.A. 100-863, eff. 8-14-18.)