(20 ILCS 505/35.10)
    Sec. 35.10. Documents necessary for adult living. The Department shall assist a youth in care in identifying and obtaining documents necessary to function as an independent adult prior to the closure of the youth's case to terminate wardship as provided in Section 2-31 of the Juvenile Court Act of 1987. These necessary documents shall include, but not be limited to, any of the following:
        (1) State identification card or driver's license.
        (2) Social Security card.
        (3) Medical records, including, but not limited to,
health passport, dental records, immunization records, name and contact information for all current medical, dental, and mental health providers, and a signed certification that the Department provided the youth with education on executing a healthcare power of attorney.
        (4) Medicaid card or other health eligibility
        (5) Certified copy of birth certificate.
        (6) Any applicable religious documents.
        (7) Voter registration card.
        (8) Immigration, citizenship, or naturalization
documentation, if applicable.
        (9) Death certificates of parents, if applicable.
        (10) Life book or compilation of personal history and
        (11) List of known relatives with relationships,
addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information, with the permission of the involved relative.
        (12) Resume.
        (13) Educational records, including list of schools
attended, and transcript, high school diploma, or high school equivalency certificate.
        (14) List of placements while in care.
        (15) List of community resources with referral
information, including the Midwest Adoption Center for search and reunion services for former youth in care, whether or not they were adopted, and the Illinois Chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America.
If a court determines that a youth in care no longer requires wardship of the court and orders the wardship terminated and all proceedings under the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 respecting the youth in care finally closed and discharged, the Department shall ensure that the youth in care receives a copy of the court's order.
(Source: P.A. 100-680, eff. 1-1-19.)