(20 ILCS 450/15)
    Sec. 15. Definitions. As used in this Act:
    "Agency" means all parts, boards, and commissions of the executive branch of State government, other than public universities or their governing boards, including, but not limited to, all departments established by the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois.
    "Disposal by sale, donation, or transfer" includes, but is not limited to, the sale, donation, or transfer of surplus electronic data processing equipment to other agencies, schools, individuals, and not-for-profit agencies.
    "Electronic data processing equipment" includes, but is not limited to, computer (CPU) mainframes, and any form of magnetic storage media.
    "Authorized agency" means an agency authorized by the Department of Central Management Services to sell or transfer electronic data processing equipment under Sections 5010.1210 and 5010.1220 of Title 44 of the Illinois Administrative Code.
    "Department" means the Department of Central Management Services.
    "Overwrite" means the replacement of previously stored information with a pre-determined pattern of meaningless information.
(Source: P.A. 96-45, eff. 7-15-09.)