(20 ILCS 415/8a) (from Ch. 127, par. 63b108a)
    Sec. 8a. Jurisdiction A - Classification and pay. For positions in the State service subject to the jurisdiction of the Department of Central Management Services with respect to the classification and pay:
        (1) For the preparation, maintenance, and revision by
the Director, subject to approval by the Commission, of a position classification plan for all positions subject to this Act, based upon similarity of duties performed, responsibilities assigned, and conditions of employment so that the same schedule of pay may be equitably applied to all positions in the same class. However, the pay of an employee whose position is reduced in rank or grade by reallocation because of a loss of duties or responsibilities after his appointment to such position shall not be required to be lowered for a period of one year after the reallocation of his position. Conditions of employment shall not be used as a factor in the classification of any position heretofore paid under the provisions of Section 1.22 of "An Act to standardize position titles and salary rates", approved June 30, 1943, as amended. Unless the Commission disapproves such classification plan within 60 days, or any revision thereof within 30 days, the Director shall allocate every such position to one of the classes in the plan. Any employee affected by the allocation of a position to a class shall, after filing with the Director of Central Management Services a written request for reconsideration thereof in such manner and form as the Director may prescribe, be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Director. If the employee does not accept the allocation of the position, he shall then have the right of appeal to the Civil Service Commission.
        (2) For a pay plan to be prepared by the Director for
all employees subject to this Act after consultation with operating agency heads and the Director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. Such pay plan may include provisions for uniformity of starting pay, an increment plan, area differentials, a delay not to exceed one year prior to the reduction of the pay of employees whose positions are reduced in rank or grade by reallocation because of a loss of duties or responsibilities after their appointments to such positions, prevailing rates of wages in those classifications in which employers are now paying or may hereafter pay such rates of wage and other provisions. Such pay plan shall become effective only after it has been approved by the Governor. Amendments to the pay plan shall be made in the same manner. Such pay plan shall provide that each employee shall be paid at one of the rates set forth in the pay plan for the class of position in which he is employed, subject to delay in the reduction of pay of employees whose positions are reduced in rank or grade by allocation as above set forth in this Section. Such pay plan shall provide for a fair and reasonable compensation for services rendered.
    This Section is inapplicable to the position of Assistant Director of Healthcare and Family Services in the Department of Healthcare and Family Services. The salary for this position shall be as established in "The Civil Administrative Code of Illinois", approved March 7, 1917, as amended.
(Source: P.A. 94-793, eff. 5-19-06; 95-331, eff. 8-21-07.)