(20 ILCS 415/12f)
    Sec. 12f. Layoff of employees whose positions are not subject to collective bargaining agreements..
    (a) Each State agency shall make every attempt to minimize the number of its employees that are laid off. In an effort to minimize layoffs, each merit compensation/salary grade employee who is subject to layoff shall be offered any vacant positions for the same title held by that employee within the same agency and county from which the employee is subject to layoff and within 2 additional alternate counties designated by the employee (or 3 additional counties if the employee's facility or office is closing), excluding titles that are subject to collective bargaining. If no such vacancies exist, then the employee shall be eligible for reemployment for a period of 3 years, commencing with the date of layoff. The Department may adopt rules and implement procedures for reemployment.
    (b) Merit compensation/salary grade employees who are laid off shall be extended the same medical and dental insurance benefits to which employees laid off from positions subject to collective bargaining are entitled and on the same terms.
    (c) Employees laid off from merit compensation/salary grade positions may apply to be qualified for any titles subject to collective bargaining.
    (d) Merit compensation/salary grade employees subject to layoff shall be given 30 days' notice of the layoff. Information about all titles within the agency shall be provided to the employee with the notice of the layoff.
(Source: P.A. 103-108, eff. 6-27-23.)