(20 ILCS 405/405-535)
    Sec. 405-535. Race and gender wage reports.
    (a) Each State agency and public institution of higher education shall annually submit to the Commission on Equity and Inclusion a report, categorized by both race and gender, specifying the respective wage earnings of employees of that State agency or public institution of higher education.
    (b) The Commission shall compile the information submitted under this Section and make that information available to the public on the Internet website of the Commission.
    (c) The Commission shall annually submit a report of the information compiled under this Section to the Governor and the General Assembly.
    (d) As used in this Section:
    "Public institution of higher education" has the meaning provided in Section 1 of the Board of Higher Education Act.
    "State agency" has the meaning provided in subsection (b) of Section 405-5.
(Source: P.A. 101-657, Article 25, Section 25-5, eff. 3-23-21; 102-29, eff. 6-25-21; 102-813, eff. 5-13-22.)