(20 ILCS 301/50-30)
    Sec. 50-30. Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Fund.
    (a) There is hereby established the Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Fund, to be held as a separate fund in the State treasury. Monies in this fund shall be appropriated to the Department and expended for grants to community-based agencies or non-profit organizations providing residential or nonresidential treatment or prevention programs or any combination thereof.
    (b) There shall be deposited into the Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Fund such monies as may be received under the income tax checkoff provided for in subsection (b) of this Section. There shall also be deposited into this fund such monies as may be received under:
        (1) subsection (a) of Section 10.2 of the Cannabis
Control Act.
        (2) subsection (a) of Section 413 of the Illinois
Controlled Substances Act.
        (3) subsection (a) of Section 5.2 of the Narcotics
Profit Forfeiture Act.
        (4) Sections 5-9-1.1 and 5-9-1.2 of the Unified Code
of Corrections.
(Source: P.A. 88-80.)