(20 ILCS 105/4.02c)
    Sec. 4.02c. Comprehensive Care in Residential Settings Demonstration Project.
    (a) The Department may establish and fund a demonstration program of bundled services designed to support the specialized needs of clients who qualify for Community Care Program services and reside in projects designated by the Department as Comprehensive Care Residential Settings. Designated projects must hold a valid license, which remains unsuspended, unrevoked, and unexpired, under the provisions of the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act.
    (b) The designated projects in the demonstration program must include, at a minimum:
        (1) 3 meals per day;
        (2) routine housekeeping services;
        (3) 24-hour-a-day security;
        (4) an emergency response system;
        (5) personal laundry and linen service;
        (6) assistance with activities of daily living;
        (7) medication management; and
        (8) money management.
    Optional services, such as transportation and social activities, may be provided.
    (c) Reimbursement for the program shall be based on the client's level of need and functional impairment, as determined by the Department. Clients must meet all eligibility requirements established by rule. The Department may establish a capitated reimbursement mechanism based on the client's level of need and functional impairment. Reimbursement for program must be made to the Department-contracted provider delivering the services.
    (d) The Department shall adopt rules and provide oversight for the project, with assistance and advice provided by the Community Care Program Advisory Committee.
    The project may be funded through the Department appropriations that may include Medicaid waiver funds.
(Source: P.A. 96-918, eff. 6-9-10; 96-1538, eff. 3-4-11.)