(20 ILCS 105/3.07) (from Ch. 23, par. 6103.07)
    Sec. 3.07. "Area agency on aging" means any public or non-profit private agency in a planning and service area designated by the Department, which is eligible for funds available under the Older Americans Act and other funds made available by the State of Illinois or the federal government.
    Responsibilities of "area agencies" shall include the development of an area plan that provides for the development of a comprehensive and coordinated service delivery system for social and nutrition services needed by older persons and to define the special needs of minority senior citizens in the planning and service area in which the area agency enters into cooperative arrangements with other service planners and providers to:
        (1) Facilitate access to and utilization of all
existing services;
        (2) Develop social and nutrition services effectively
and efficiently to meet the needs of older persons; and
        (3) Coordinate existing services to meet the special
needs and circumstances of minority senior citizens.
(Source: P.A. 88-254.)