(20 ILCS 45/5)
    Sec. 5. Definitions. As used in this Act:
    "Cloud computing" has the meaning provided by Special Publication 800-145 issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States Department of Commerce.
    "Data" means final versions of statistical or factual information: (a) in alphanumeric form reflected in a list, table, graph, chart, or other non-narrative form that can be digitally transmitted or processed; and (b) regularly created or maintained by or on behalf of and owned by an agency that records a measurement, transaction, or determination related to the mission of an agency. "Data" does not include information provided to an agency by other governmental entities, nor does it include image files, such as designs, drawings, maps, photos, or scanned copies of original documents, except that it does include statistical or factual information about such image files and shall include geographic information system data. "Data" does not include:
        (1) data to which an agency may deny access pursuant
to any provision of a federal, State, or local law, rule, or regulation, including, but not limited to, the Freedom of Information Act;
        (2) data that contains a significant amount of
information to which an agency may deny access pursuant to any provision of a federal, State, or local law, rule, or regulation;
        (3) data that reflects the internal deliberative
process of an agency or agencies, including but not limited to negotiating positions, future procurements, or pending or reasonably anticipated legal or administrative proceedings;
        (4) data stored on an agency-owned personal computing
device, or data stored on a portion of a network that has been exclusively assigned to a single agency employee or a single agency owned or controlled computing device;
        (5) materials subject to copyright, patent,
trademark, confidentiality agreements, or trade secret protection;
        (6) proprietary applications, computer code,
software, operating systems, or similar materials;
        (7) employment records, internal employee-related
directories or lists, facilities data, information technology, internal service-desk and other data related to internal agency administration; and
        (8) any other data the publication of which is
prohibited by law.
    "Grant funds" means any public funds dispensed by a grantor agency to any person or entity for obligation, expenditure, or use by that person or entity for a specific purpose or purposes and any funds disbursed by the State Comptroller pursuant to an appropriation made by the General Assembly to a named entity or person. Funds disbursed in accordance with a fee for service purchase of care contract are not grant funds for purposes of this Act.
    Neither the method by which funds are dispensed whether by contract, agreement, grant subsidy, letter of credit, or any other method nor the purpose for which the funds are used can change the character of funds which otherwise would be considered grant funds as defined in this Section.
    "Grantee" means the person or entity which may use grant funds.
    "Grantor agency" means a State agency that dispenses grant funds.
    "Open operating standard" means a technical standard developed and maintained by a voluntary consensus standards body that is available to the public without royalty or fee.
    "Public data" means all data that is collected by any unit of State or local government in pursuance of that entity's official responsibilities which is otherwise subject to disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, and is not prohibited from disclosure pursuant to any other contravening legal instrument, including, but not limited to, a superseding provision of federal or State law or an injunction from a court of competent jurisdiction.
    "State agency" or "agency" has the meaning ascribed to the term "agency" in Section 3.1 of the Executive Reorganization Implementation Act.
    "Strategic enterprise application plan" means a comprehensive program developed by a State agency, articulating both principles and goals related to the application of its services and programs to the current and future needs of enterprise in Illinois.
    "Strategic plan" means an organization's evaluation, over a period of up to 5 years, of its strategy and direction, including a framework for decision-making with respect to resource allocation to achieve defined goals.
    "Voluntary consensus standards body" means an organization that plans, develops, establishes, or coordinates voluntary consensus standards using agreed-upon procedures. A voluntary consensus standards body has the following attributes: openness; balance of interest; due process; an appeals process; and consensus.
(Source: P.A. 98-627, eff. 3-7-14.)