(15 ILCS 205/6.6)
    Sec. 6.6. Immigrant Assistance Program.
    (a) Purpose and policy. The immigrant population of the State of Illinois constitutes a significant portion of the population of the State. These immigrants often require assistance in order to obtain the government services to which they are entitled under the law. It is imperative that State government is aware of the needs of the State's immigrant community and sensitive to the barriers that may prevent them from seeking and obtaining services. The Office of the Attorney General should be equipped to assist immigrants by increasing accessibility to the Office and providing outreach services to the community, which will serve to educate immigrants as to their rights and responsibilities as residents of the State.
    (b) Immigrant Assistance Program. Within the Office of the Attorney General, there shall be established an Immigrant Assistance Program, which shall be charged with the responsibility of assessing the needs of the State's immigrant community with regard to access to government and other services. In addition, the Immigrant Assistance Program shall be empowered to provide education and outreach services to the immigrant community of the State, subject to funding availability. These services may include, but are not limited to, consumer issues, civil rights issues, employee rights, and other issues of particular interest to the immigrant communities in the State.
(Source: P.A. 93-464, eff. 8-8-03.)