(15 ILCS 205/4c) (from Ch. 14, par. 4c)
    Sec. 4c. (a) Subject to the qualifications set forth below, investigators employed by the Attorney General shall be peace officers and shall have all the powers possessed by policemen in cities and by sheriffs; provided, that Attorney General's investigators may exercise such powers anywhere in the State in cooperation with and after contact with the local law enforcement officials.
    No investigator employed by the Attorney General shall have peace officer status or exercise police powers unless he or she successfully completes the basic police training course mandated and approved by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board or such board waives the training requirement by reason of the investigator's prior law enforcement experience or training or both.
    The board shall not waive the training requirement unless the investigator has had a minimum of 5 years experience as a sworn officer of a local, state or federal law enforcement agency, 2 of which shall have been in an investigatory capacity.
    (b) The Attorney General must authorize to each investigator employed under this Section and to any other employee exercising the powers of peace officers a distinct badge that, on its face, (i) clearly states that it is authorized by the Office of the Attorney General and (ii) contains a unique identifying number. No other badge shall be authorized by the Office of the Attorney General.
(Source: P.A. 90-540, eff. 12-1-97; 91-883, eff. 1-1-01.)