(10 ILCS 5/6-3) (from Ch. 46, par. 6-3)
    Sec. 6-3. The circuit court shall give at least 60 days notice of such election by publishing such notice in one or more newspapers published within such city, for at least 5 times, the first publication to be at least 60 days before the day of election, and if no newspaper is published in such city, then by posting at least 5 copies of such notice in each ward 60 days before such election; and such court shall enter an order directing the county clerk to prepare the necessary blank returns for the use of the judges of election, substantially in the following form:
    "At an election held in the .... precinct of the .... ward in the city of .... in the State of Illinois, on the .... day of .... in the year .... the following vote was cast for and against city election law, to-wit:
For city election law .... votes.
Against city election law .... votes.
Certified by us:
A.B., G.H.,
C.D., I.J.,
E.F., K.L.,
Judges of Election"
    Also to prepare separate tally sheets with appropriate headings.
    And it shall be the duty of such county clerk to deliver to the judges of all the precincts in such city at such election proper tally sheets and blank statements of returns of votes cast for and against such proposition at such election. And it shall be the duty of the circuit court to supervise and direct such matters and see that they are properly done.
    The circuit court shall also prepare directions to the judges of election as to the manner of canvassing the votes for and against such proposition, keeping tally thereof and making returns of the votes as to such proposition, in accordance with the provisions of this article; also informing them therein of the penalties of the law imposed upon the judges for any refusal or neglect pertaining to their duties, and such circuit court shall deliver such directions to the county clerk directing him to have them printed and sent out to such judges. And it shall be the duty of such county clerk to obey such instructions.
    It shall be the duty of the county clerk to do and cause to be done all things required of him by Sections 6-2 to 6-20, inclusive, of this Article, and for a failure to perform such duties he shall, on conviction, be removed from his office by the court in which such conviction shall be had.
    The county shall pay all expenses connected with such election.
(Source: P.A. 84-551.)