(10 ILCS 5/28-13) (from Ch. 46, par. 28-13)
    Sec. 28-13. Each political party and civic organization as well as the registered proponents and opponents of a proposed statewide advisory public question shall be entitled to one watcher in the office of the election authority to observe the conduct of the sample signature verification. However, in those election jurisdictions where a 10% sample is required, the proponents and opponents may appoint no more than 5 assistant watchers in addition to the 1 principal watcher permitted herein.
    Within 7 days following the last day for filing of the original petition, the proponents and opponents shall certify in writing to the Board that they publicly support or oppose the proposed statewide advisory public question. The proponents and opponents of such questions shall register the name and address of its group and the name and address of its chair and designated agent for acceptance of service of notices with the Board. Thereupon, the Board shall prepare a list of the registered proponents and opponents and shall adopt a standard proponents' and opponents' watcher credential form. A copy of such list and sufficient copies of such credentials shall be transmitted with the list for the sample signature verification to the appropriate election authorities. Those election authorities shall issue credentials to the permissible number of watchers for each proponent and opponent group; provided, however, that a prospective watcher shall first present to the election authority a letter of authorization signed by the chair of the proponent or opponent group he or she represents.
    Political party and qualified civic organization watcher credentials shall be substantially in the form and shall be authorized in the manner prescribed in Section 7-34 of this Code.
    The rights and limitations of pollwatchers as prescribed by Section 7-34 of this Code, insofar as they may be made applicable, shall be applicable to watchers at the conduct of the sample signature verification.
    The principal watcher for the proponents and opponents may make signed written objections to the Board relating to procedures observed during the conduct of the sample signature verification which could materially affect the results of the sample. Such written objections shall be presented to the election authority and a copy mailed to the Board and shall be attached to the certificate of sample results transmitted by the election authority to the Board.
(Source: P.A. 100-1027, eff. 1-1-19.)